Spinal Decompression Pike Creek, Delaware

Do you suffer from chronic back pain that interferes with your daily life?
Spinal Decompression Therapy in Pine Creek is a non-invasive, drug-free solution that can alleviate pain and improve quality of life.
Our Spinal Decompression services use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to gently stretch and decompress your spine, relieving pressure on nerves and discs.

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What is Spinal Decompression?

It is the most effective procedure to treat chronic spinal, muscle, back, and neck pain. During this non-surgical procedure, our therapist gently stretches your spine. This stretch’s purpose is to modify your spine’s force and position. The ultimate result of this therapy is a reduction in back. 

It happens when pressure is removed from your nerves, spinal structure, and disc. Since pressure goes down, it boosts up the flow of nutrient-rich fluids, water, and oxygen into your disc. If you need a therapy that promotes quick healing with no downtime, Disc Compression Therapy is the best solution.

Spinal Decompression - Spinal Treatment at State Line Chiropractic Center

PROCEDURE and Results

At State Line Chiro Center, we care about our customers the most; every patient is important. Instead of trying a one-size-fits-all approach, we believe in personalized health care plans. Our therapist will examine your condition and suggest a suitable procedure to reduce your chronic pain. 

Depending on your pain level, you may require 12 to 20 Pike Creek Spinal Decompression sessions. Since every patient is unique, the session length could differ from one to another; generally, it takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Regarding results, you can notice an improvement in your health within 3 to 6 weeks of proceeding with the therapy. More than 40 percent of patients notice positive spinal disc changes after two to three weeks, while others may find relief after six weeks.

Spinal Decompression is the best alternative surgical solution for patients suffering from bulging, degenerating discs, herniated, bulging, back pain, and other spinal issues. In this procedure, you will lie on a computer-controlled motorized table. Depending on your requirements, our therapist will pick a suitable table. 

The upper and lower body is harnessed to the table through straps while your expert therapist will control the complete treatment via computer. During this procedure, pressure is reduced from your spine while it stretches gently—this reduction in pressure promotions repositions bulging and herniated discs. Thereby, you notice an improvement in overall spinal health.

Triton DTS Traction Table - Spinal Decompression

Laser Therapy State Line Chiropractic Pike Creek, Delaware

Are you tired of living with chronic back pain that affects your daily life? Our spinal decompression therapy can provide the relief you need. Our therapy gently stretches your spine, creating negative pressure that encourages bulging or herniated discs to retract, reducing pressure on your nerves and relieving your pain. Our therapy lets you say goodbye to back pain and enjoy a pain-free life. 

Spinal Decompression Benefits:

No needle or Incision is Used

This therapy is painless and doesn’t require you to go through any invasive surgical procedure. If you are scared of Incisions and needles, it is certainly the best alternative to the surgical method. Our experienced staff perform this surgery in a way that makes you feel the utmost comfort and ease. Many of our patients fall asleep while taking this therapy. 

Quick Healing Procedure

If you are not undergoing spinal surgery because you can’t take months of leaves and long breaks from work, then you should opt for this therapy. It has no downtime, while it promotes faster healing. Our therapist handles the underlying cause of your chronic pain with the most effective treatment. Once you adhere to a positive lifestyle change, you can notice significant improvements through this surgery.

Safe for All Ages

We have treated patients of every age group for the last five years. This treatment is 100% safe and effective for every age group. Besides, this treatment doesn’t require any downtime.

Do you have some questions and concerns regarding Spinal Decompression therapy in Greenville? It’s time to call us and let us address all the issues.

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Laverne Graves
Laverne Graves
January 13, 2021.
What A Great Place For Overall Healing from The Inside Out. From the front desk to the end of my visit every time was a pleasure
January 11, 2021.
Helped my back pain tremendously
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas
December 18, 2020.
Best place to go for back and neck support and some of the most personable people I know!!!
bryan Pullin
bryan Pullin
December 15, 2020.
Great friendly service Dr Karp really helped me when I thought I was on a path to another back surgery. Treatment pain worked fast and effectively highly recommended. Staff is friendly and makes you feel at ease
Luke McCallion
Luke McCallion
December 11, 2020.
Dr Karp is amazing. Being a former athlete, my bodys taken a beating for years so Ive seen a handful of chiropractors, tried different chiropractic services, Dr Karp is 100% my go to guy.
Marianne Kane
Marianne Kane
August 24, 2020.
Dr. Karp and staff are always so accommodating and friendly.
Patricia Mullin
Patricia Mullin
July 29, 2020.
Started Laser last year for leg (joint) pain. In my case it took some time for results. That's to be expected. It is cumulative as was the damage to my joints. Eased the bone on bone pain. Then this year Dr Karp started Laser cosmetic treatments. They are great. My skin tone improved 100% and wrinkles became softer in appearance. Lost the sunspots on the back of my hands. Highly recommend it. Staff is reassuring and care ❤.
Anita Conte
Anita Conte
June 29, 2020.
They treat you extremely well. Have several services, and all keep smiles on their faces. Also, they give great service.