Spinal Decompression Wilmington, Delaware

Did you know back pain is among the main reasons people seek medical attention?
Spinal Decompression therapy is a proven solution that can help you avoid surgery and get back to doing what you love.
Our Spinal Decompression therapy in Willmington is tailored to your needs, and our experienced team of expert therapists will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.
Take control of your back pain and start living your best life. Call now and learn more about our Spinal Decompression services.

What is Spinal Decompression?

It is the most effective procedure to reduce spinal, back, and neck pain. During this non-surgical procedure, a patient’s spine is gently stretched to modify its position and force. The purpose is to reduce pressure on the spinal disc, structure, and nerves.
Once this pressure decreases, it will increase healthy nutrient-rich fluid, oxygen, and water flow, which is necessary to promote disc healing and quick improvement in your back, neck, and spinal health.

Spinal Decompression - Spinal Treatment at State Line Chiropractic Center

PROCEDURE and Results

At State Line Chiro Center, We bring custom therapy plans for every patient, depending on their medical condition. Our therapist will examine your health condition and decide how many sessions you need. You might need 15 to 20 sessions to heal from this chronic pain. Based on your personal condition, each session lasts 30 to 45 minutes. 

On average, you can start seeing results from this therapy after six weeks. More than 40 percent of patients usually notice a positive change in the spinal disc within 2 to 3 weeks. However, 20 percent of patients notice significant improvements via disc compression therapy in Willington within 4 to 6 weeks.

It is a non-surgical procedure designed to heal patients suffering from bulging, herniated discs, back pain, and other spinal problems. During Spinal decompression therapy in Willington, a patient lies on a motorized table controlled by a computer by a therapist- who will pick a table per the patient’s condition and requirements. Straps harness a patient’s upper and lower body to the therapy table. Our highly skilled therapist administers your treatment and ensures your safety at its best level. During the treatment, your spine is stretched gently. This negative pressure will relieve your body as it will reposition bulging and herniated discs. As a result, your spinal health increased to a great extent.

Triton DTS Traction Table - Spinal Decompression

Laser Therapy State Line Chiropractic in Wilmington

Our spinal decompression therapy is the answer if you’re looking for a non-invasive, drug-free solution to your back pain. Our therapy works by gently stretching your spine, creating space between your vertebrae and reducing pressure on your spinal discs. This promotes the natural healing process, helping to repair damaged tissue and reduce inflammation, leading to long-term relief. Say goodbye to pain medication and hello to our safe, effective therapy.

Spinal Decompression Benefits:

No Downtime

Can’t take a break from work? Are you looking for an easy-to-manage therapy? It is available in the form of Disc Decompression in Wilmington, Delaware. You won’t have to stay in the hospital and can leave the clinic once treatment is done. This therapy is quite comfortable and doesn’t involve any needle or incision. Our patients feel so relaxed that they take naps during these sessions.

Cost Effective

Spinal Decompression therapy is the most effective procedure. Our spinal treatment adjusts well in your pocket if you don’t want to opt for expensive spinal surgery due to budget constraints. You pay less but get long-lasting relief.

Quick Healing

You won’t have to wait years to see some results; spinal decompression treatment in Willington brings quick healing. 

Don’t suffer from chronic neck and back pain any more when you can seek permanent healing and relief at State Line Chiropractic centre now. Call us to get free consultation for your next non-surgical treatment.

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Laverne Graves
Laverne Graves
January 13, 2021.
What A Great Place For Overall Healing from The Inside Out. From the front desk to the end of my visit every time was a pleasure
January 11, 2021.
Helped my back pain tremendously
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas
December 18, 2020.
Best place to go for back and neck support and some of the most personable people I know!!!
bryan Pullin
bryan Pullin
December 15, 2020.
Great friendly service Dr Karp really helped me when I thought I was on a path to another back surgery. Treatment pain worked fast and effectively highly recommended. Staff is friendly and makes you feel at ease
Luke McCallion
Luke McCallion
December 11, 2020.
Dr Karp is amazing. Being a former athlete, my bodys taken a beating for years so Ive seen a handful of chiropractors, tried different chiropractic services, Dr Karp is 100% my go to guy.
Marianne Kane
Marianne Kane
August 24, 2020.
Dr. Karp and staff are always so accommodating and friendly.
Patricia Mullin
Patricia Mullin
July 29, 2020.
Started Laser last year for leg (joint) pain. In my case it took some time for results. That's to be expected. It is cumulative as was the damage to my joints. Eased the bone on bone pain. Then this year Dr Karp started Laser cosmetic treatments. They are great. My skin tone improved 100% and wrinkles became softer in appearance. Lost the sunspots on the back of my hands. Highly recommend it. Staff is reassuring and care ❤.
Anita Conte
Anita Conte
June 29, 2020.
They treat you extremely well. Have several services, and all keep smiles on their faces. Also, they give great service.